Talking Points for Paul Crandell’s Transition, Prepared Jointly by Paul and the Elder Council (August 29, 2021)

From Paul:

"After many discussions and much prayer, God has made it clear to me as well as the elders that, although we both love, serve, and proclaim the same Jesus, we understand we have different philosophies of ministry and that will not best serve Valley Bible Church going forward. Because of this lack of alignment, I know God is leading me to step down from serving at Valley as Lead Pastor. Our conversations have been marked by mutual respect, honor and charity. I firmly believe that if I continued to serve as Lead Pastor, I would not be doing what is best for Valley Bible or myself. I believe that God, in His sovereignty, has a different leader for the future of Valley. My family and I will continue to have many dear friendships here at Valley and will occasionally fellowship with Valley. We will be around town and occasionally at church while God directs us to our new ministry assignment. We would ask that you please pray for our next steps, as well as Valley’s. My last official Sunday will be September 5. I would love to see you then so I can express my gratitude for allowing me to serve as your Lead Pastor. Please know that the Elders are handling me with much grace and generosity as my family and I seek out our new place of service. I know that many of you will desire to know more about the details around this transition, but the Elders and I have mutually agreed that the details of our differences on ministry philosophy are topics that are best left to the discussions we had together already. The important thing for folks to know is that we agree that there is such a difference that God has told us we need to part ways."

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From the Elders:

"We want you to know that after much prayer and many discussions, our relationship with our Lead Pastor, Dr. Paul Crandell, is changing. God has made it clear to the Elders and Paul that although we both love, serve and proclaim the same Jesus; we have come to the understanding that we have different philosophies of ministry. While it is clear to us that God used Paul to help lead Valley Bible Church through an incredibly difficult and unprecedented season, we know the same God that brought Paul and the Crandell family to Valley Bible Church has clearly spoken to Paul and the elders that his season of service at Valley Bible Church should come to a close. Therefore, we both believe that God has called Paul to step away from Valley to be used where Paul's giftedness and leadership can be expressed in keeping with his convictions. As a result, Paul has elected to step down, and his official capacity as our Lead Pastor will conclude as of September 5, 2021. Please understand that this is a mutual parting of ways and absolutely is NOT due to any sin or character flaws in Paul! We firmly believe that God will direct Paul to a ministry that better fits his unique gifting. It is in love that we release Paul from his position, and in love, Paul has requested that release. We believe that Paul will continue to have many friendships here at Valley. We will still see Paul and his family around town and occasionally at church while God directs them to their new ministry assignment. They, and we, would ask you to pray for Paul’s next steps, as well as for Valley’s. Although today was Paul’s last Sunday in the pulpit, his last scheduled Sunday with us will be September 5. At the end of our 9am and 11am services on September 5, we will have a special place set up where you will have an opportunity to show your love and appreciation to Paul and his family. We certainly encourage you to do so. We sincerely love Paul and his family and greatly appreciate how he is walking through this process with us with great integrity and a desire to protect God’s church here at Valley. We wish him and the Crandell family God’s greatest blessings and service of the King in the future. Please continue to pray for Paul, God’s precious servant, and his family as they seek Gods will in their future place of service."