Relaunching Fall 2020

All 1st-6th grade students are welcome ~ No experience necessary! 

We want our students to love to worship and to show Jesus’ love to their world!  Kids have an opportunity to show His love by developing the gifts God’s given them (singing, art, acting, playing instruments, dancing, hospitality, & craftsmanship) in small groups for our Christmas performances!! At Born to Worship, we strive to equip students with some basic skills using their hands, feet, voices, and bodies to develop their talents ~ or as we like to say, their worship gifts. Both the beginning and musically educated student will find a place to learn and grow. We strive to teach what worship is and equip all students to be worshipers for a lifetime.

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Contact Info

Sandy Ormeo
Born to Worship Choir Director
[email protected]
(510) 799-3171