Core Values are “What Valley Believes” classes and are for those interested in learning more about us or who want to officially be a part of the VBC Family by becoming a member of this church! Classes are held during two weekends—a Friday and two Saturdays—with a baptism class in between for those who have not been baptized.

Fall 2024 CLASSES

SEPTEMBER 6, 7, and 14 

All sessions are held downstairs in the Worship Center Room 104/105.

Friday, September 6, 7–9pm AND Saturday, September 7, at 9:00am–3:30pm 
Snacks will be provided on Friday. On Saturday, a continental breakfast at 8:30am, lunch, and snacks between sessions will be provided!

  • Session 1 - Salvation
  • Session 2/3 - Doctrines
  • Session 4 - Spiritual Maturity
  • Session 5 - Discovering My Ministry
  • Session 6 - How We Function

Sunday, September 8 at 11am - Baptism Class for Adults

Saturday, September 14 at 9am 
Continental breakfast provided at 8:30am.

  • Membership Interviews 

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why membership?

Membership at Valley Bible Church is not a mere formality, but a genuine two-way commitment between you and Valley Bible Church. It means that you are a part of our family; it means that you belong with us.

Membership means we are committed to you.

As a member, you have a promise—not just from our pastors and leaders, but from all other members—that we will love and care for you. We will build you up in Jesus, speak the truth to you, encourage you, and welcome you in. We will treat you like the brother or sister you are to us in Christ.

Membership means you are committed to us.

When you become a member, you promise to care for the church by joining in on our mission, to serve and give, and to build up our body in Christ.

Would you take a moment to update your membership status? This will help us keep our membership rolls up-to-date so that we may better care for and communicate with you!