About Us

Our mission is to usher people into our Lord’s presence, worshipping in spirit and in truth (John 4:24), using diverse styles of worship—the diversity that we believe will be in Heaven as every tribe and tongue are worshipping. We try and use the full spectrum of expression as we lift up the name of the Lord with corporate and special music, voice, drama, media, songwriting, and instruments, as we exalt God in our lives through the spiritual and emotional power of music & drama.

We strive to enfold people into this ministry for prayer, the Word, fellowship, and to give opportunity for them to use their various creative gifts and talents to God’s glory. (2 Chron. 29:27-30, Psalm 95:1-7). A creative people serving a creative God and employing new ways to worship Him! God gave us music as a way to express our joy.

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Worship Ministry Staff Update




Bobby Swanson
Interim Director of Worship Ministries
(510) 799-3171 ext. 114
[email protected]

Bill Smith
Audio-Visual Director
(510) 799-3171 ext. 119
[email protected]

Cheryl Miller
Associate Director of Worship Ministries
(510) 799-3171 ext. 133
[email protected]

Leadership Team

Pastor Larry Howard
Michelle Collins
Iolene Lendway

Cheryl Miller
Greg Ormeo
Nick Orosco

Bill Smith
Bobby Swanson
Rebecca Webster