VBC Kids presents Candy Kingdom: Where Nothing is Sweeter Than Jesus!
October 31st, 6:00-8:30pm

Choose which experience you'd like and enjoy all the fun of Candy Kingdom in the way that best suits your family.

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WALK-THRU EXPERIENCE:Come enjoy the sweetest place in town and discover that nothing is sweeter than Jesus. You'll get to walk through several Treat Trails (including three "Wheelly-Friendly" ones for wheelchairs, strollers, and wagons) all while getting candy along the way! Treat Trails include places like Jellybean Jungle, Redvines Ridge, Candy Corn Fields, Lifesaver Falls, Peppermint Palace, Candy Castle, and Cow Tale Corral! Enjoy the all-new Treat Trail, Candy Kingdom Around the World, featuring candy from Italy, Mexico, Japan, Germany, and many more! There will also be a Tiny Tot Treat Trail for all little ones ages 0-2 in our nursery. You won't want to miss it! 
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DRIVE-THRU EXPERIENCE: Explore the lights and fun as you drive-thru Candy Kingdom National Parks enjoying the sights of places like 100 Grand Canyon, Mentos Mountains, El Capitan Crunch, Mt. Gushmore, and Lollipop Lake all while getting candy along the way. (In the event of rain, you can still drive-thru, and candy will be given through at the end!) 
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What should we expect? Indoors, you'll experience fun-filled, bright and colorful "treat trails" with sweet-themed lands and candy around every corner! You'll enjoy the sights, sounds, and even smells of the season!
If you choose the drive-thru route, you'll enjoy the sights of Candy Kingdom National Parks featuring places like 100 Grand Canyon, Kit Kat Casade, Mt. Gushmore, and M&M Plains. If candy isn't your thing, don't worry, you can still drive through without getting candy. 

How does the drive-thru work, exactly? Sign up ahead of time to get your QR code, or have a smartphone handy when you arrive. As you drive-thru, you'll get a number with how many kids you have in the car. You'll roll down the window on the side they're passing out candy and enjoy your kids' faces as they get candy at each station! If the line seems long, it actually goes pretty fast. Note too, that the line empties out at the end, so it's faster if you wait. We don't close down until 8:30, so come when it's the most convenient for you. 

Can I sign up ahead of time? Yes! Please choose which experience you'd like to enjoy and sign up! Show your QR code at either experience for faster admission. Once registered on campus, you'll receive a wristband which will give you access to all Treat Trails. 

What candy safety precautions are you taking? We take kids' safety seriously. All candy has been purchased long in advance from stores by our staff. No candy was donated or purchased by or from unknown entities. Our team that is preparing the candy for each station (opening bags, counting, and versing candy) has gone through a volunteer certification process and are not only treasured, but trusted.

Why do you put Bible verses on all the candy? We believe that candy is sweet, but nothing is sweeter than Jesus. We want everything we do to point to Him. Jesus died for you...that's a huge deal, and it can change your life! We hope you enjoy the candy, but we hope that you get to know the God of the universe even better. Starbursts? Yeah! But what about getting to know the One who made the stars! Dum Dums? Fun! But how about exploring that God made you with intention and you are NOT "dum". See what I mean? It's sweet to enjoy candy, but nothing is sweeter than Jesus! 

What if it rains? We're here rain or shine. Indoor trick-or-treating works great for rain, and, if you choose the drive-thru, you can still enjoy the sights and sounds from the comfort of your car and get candy at the end of the route!

Where do we enter for the drive-thru? When you arrive at the church (1477 Willow Avenue in Hercules) you'll head to the upper parking lot by the 3 crosses. The line will enter from the northeast (coming from Viewpointe, Foxboro, and Burger King). Our Welcome Team will guide you along the route 'til to begin! Be sure to have your QR code or someone with a smartphone. There will be one route on either side, so when you finish one, feel free to come back to take the second route! 

How long will it take to drive-thru? From the front of the line you should expect to drive thru in about 10-15 minutes. 




Would you like to help underwrite this event? Your donations go toward providing candy for the 1500+ kids who come through our campus on Halloween. Every piece of candy has a Bible verse to point them to Jesus, because nothing is sweeter than Jesus! We want everything we do to point to Him.

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Andrea Hazel
Candy Kingdom Director &
VBC Kids Director 
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