What is the LASTING IMPACT Campaign about?

We have adapted the theme “LASTING IMPACT” based on the principles that we find in 2 Corinthians 9:6-15—giving from the heart without reluctance or pressure, but with joy, leads to abundant blessings from God. Your generous giving not only supplies the needs of the Lord’s people but results in thanksgiving to God. Still others will give praise to God. Your obedient generosity in giving to the Lord and sharing with others opens the door for the Gospel of Christ. Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift of grace through Jesus Christ! What an example of giving. What you decide in your heart to give today will have a lasting impact on you, those around you, and future generations. Please join us in this Lasting Impact Program that will affect God’s people now and into the future! 

I'd like to Make a Lasting Impact for the future generations

Campaign Goals
Digital Prayer Guide
Full Campaign Brochure with a Message from Campaign Directors, Tim & Julie Latibeaudiere - Apr. 1, 2021

LASTING IMPACT Campaign Update (March 2024)
Total Commitments: 183
Total Pledge Amount: $1,401,141
Total Amount given since start of campaign, 6/1/21: $1,092,540


Lasting Impact Commitment

Because we believe in the building of God's Kingdom through the ministries of Valley Bible Church, we will endeavor to give above our regular Ministry Fund giving as follows:

This statement of intention may be revised or cancelled should circumstances make it necessary.

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GOALS - The LASTING IMPACT campaign is designed with three consecutive levels:

This level, when reached, will allow us to pay an additional $300,000 +/– against the current balance of the mortgage.

LEVEL 2 - CHALLENGE: $850,000 (Level 1 + Level 2 = $1,500,000)
Added to Level 1, the 2nd Level, when attained, will allow us to do some highly-needed and much-desired maintenance in the following three areas:

  • $450,000 — Café and store front glass at columns
  • $100,000 — Remodel the Worship Center lobby
  • $300,000 — Ministry Growth, used to increase Valley Bible Church’s abilities to grow ministry level

LEVEL 3 - HALLELUJAH: UP TO $2,930,000 (Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3 = $4,430,000) 
The amount of Level 3 reflects the balance of the mortgage after the accelerated amount paid on the existing balance from Level 1. All of the funds received above Levels 1 and 2 would go toward the balance of our current mortgage.

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