February is known as Love Month for our youth ministry where students are taught what God’s Word has to say about love, marriage, sexuality, and gender. While our youth staff are privileged to have these conversations with students, God designed the primary influence on a child’s life to be their parents. With that in mind, we are offering seminars on how to talk to your kids about sexuality and gender. Each seminar will be tailored to a specific age range (elementary age, middle school, and high school) and include how to: present the beauty of God’s design, protect your children in a digital age, and prepare them to live with boldness and compassion in a dark world.

High School Parents: Tuesday, February 6th

Elementary School Parents: Wednesday, February 7th

Middle School Parents: Thursday, February 8th

All seminars are held at 7pm in the Family Life Center Fun Room (located downstairs by the Women's Restroom).

Sign up below or in the lobby on Sundays! Questions? Email [email protected].