VBC Kids Presents a Special Easter Event for the Entire Family!

An Interactive Family Experience!

Easter Sunday, April 1, 2018
Runs from 9AM - Noon
Family Life Center 

Join VBC KIDS for a family Easter event filled with Bible-time experiences that will engage participants of all ages! During this event, your family will travel the path Jesus journeyed. This year has all new experiences!  Travel to Jerusalem for Palm Sunday, sit down for the Last Supper, pray in the Garden of Gethsemane, discover the sacrifice of Good Friday, and celebrate freedom from sin at the empty tomb that first Easter morning! You'll be part of a group of 20-25 that will journey through five Destinations lasting approx 12 minutes each. At each Destination, experience powerful moments that surrounded the death and resurrection of Jesus.  

Join us in the Family Life Center to take your family on this incredible journey!

Space is limited!  Be sure to stop by for our other activities!

Breakfast 8:30-11:00
Road to Resurrection Journeys, rotations 9:00-1:15


Choose Your Time to Sign Up!

9:00am-10:15am FULL
9:15am-10:30am FULL
9:30am-10:45am FULL
9:45am-11:00am 1 spot
10:00am-11:15am 3 spots
10:15am-11:30am OPEN
10:30am-11:45am 10 spots
10:45am-12:00pm 14 spots
11:00am-12:15pm 1 spot
11:15am-12:30pm 12 spots
11:30am-12:45pm OPEN
11:45am-1:00pm 7 spots
12:00pm-1:15pm OPEN


What is Road to Resurrection and how long will it take?  You'll want to give yourself about and hour and a half to complete the Road to Resurrection Experience. During the experience, you will journey to five different stations (about 12 minutes each) that will transport you back to Bible times to have real-life adventures related to the Easter story.  It's interactive, so you're not just watching dramatic scenes.  You'll get to do things like wave palm branches and even taste some of the experiences!  Most importantly, you get to talk with your family right there and experience everything together

How much does it cost? The Road to Resurrection family experience and breakfast are absolutely FREE! Be sure to invite your friends and family to this exciting event and make a memory you all will never forget!

I'm brand new...what do I do? After you sign your family up online, you're good to go!  On Easter Sunday, as you come on the Valley Bible Church campus, plenty of people will be available with nametags to greet you and show you where to go.  You want to look for the Family Life Center which is on the right side as you pull in the main entrance.  Give yourself a few minutes to find a parking spot and have breakfast before the Experience.  (Hint: As you pass the Family Life Center, there are some designated parking spots on the left side for first time guests. Come early to take advantage of those!)

Can I leave my kids at the experience and go to church, or do I have to go around with my kids? We like to think you get to go around with your kids. Easter Sunday is a Family Sunday. That means you get to experience everything at Valley Bible Church on Easter morning together as a family… this includes breakfast, our main services at 9:00 and 11:00, and the Road to Resurrection Family Experience. It’s family fun for everyone!  This is also a great opportunity to take the message of Easter home and have great talks about Jesus as a family after! Care for your babies 0-2yrs old is available in our VBC Babies Nursery as always if you'd prefer to leave them with the VBC Babies Team to show them the love of Jesus while you're in the experience. 

Can I go to the Main Worship Service and the Family Experience? Yes! Since the experience takes a little over an hour to complete, so, as a family, you can participate in the Experience and then go to the 11:00 Worship Service or vice versa. (Example: If you sign up for the 9:00AM Experience time, you should be done by 10:15. That gives you plenty of time to get seats for the 11:00AM Worship Service. You can even catch breakfast from 8:30-9:00! If you’d rather attend the 9:00AM Worship Service, come have breakfast at 8:30, attend the 9:00AM Worship Service, and sign up for a 10:45 or later Experience time) 


Contact Info:

Matthew Nicosia
VBC Kids Director
(510) 799-3171
[email protected]

Andrea Hazel
VBC Kids Assistant Director
(510) 799-3171 x128
[email protected]