Our Worship Ministry is the place to be if you are overwhelmed with gratitude toward your Savior and you want to be poured out as a “Servant not a Star” (Philippians 2:1-11). Sometimes we pray more than we rehearse, and we thank God for those times. We want to be people who live “lives of worship” instead of it being something we do once a week on a stage.

Our Mission is to usher people into our Lord’s presence through diverse styles of worship, using the full spectrum of expression as we lift up the name of the Lord with corporate and special music, voice, drama, dance, and instruments; To give forth the message of the Gospel of salvation using the arts as we exalt God in our lives through the spiritual and emotional power of music & drama; To enfold people into this ministry for prayer, the Word, fellowship and to give opportunity for them to use their various creative gifts and talents to God’s glory. (2 Chron. 29:27-30, Psalm 95:1-7)

We also have a Worship Ministries Retreat that all Worship Ministry participants are required to attend once a year. We have seen God use this time to bond our hearts together as we prepare to serve all year long side by side.


As a ministry we have 6 objectives we use to give direction to what we do when we come together so that we can accomplish those things that we have stated as our mission statement. They are as follows:

  1. We PRAY together before we do anything as a ministry fully believing that as we pray we humble ourselves before God almighty and acknowledge our desperate need for a great Savior in every area of our life. This is a serious step in tearing down the walls of pride that can so easily present themselves, in a creative ministry. Eph. 6:18
  2. We MEMORIZE SCRIPTURE together for we know that sin will keep us from the Word of God, but that the Word of God will keep us from sin. Psalm 119:11
  3. We LOVE one another by praying for each other, submitting to one another and by being transparent with one another so that we know how we can help show love to each other. 1 John 3:14
  4. We ENCOURAGE one another to keep up the good fight and to finish the race. Heb. 3:13 & 10:25
  5. We MAKE MUSIC together lifting up the name of Jesus. Not to show off our talent but to use every fiber of our being to glorify God our Savior, offering our bodies as living and holy sacrifices. Eph 5:19, Psalm 47:6, 89:1, 33:1-3
  6. We LAUGH together because as we learn to laugh together hopefully we learn to laugh at ourselves and with that we become less prideful, more approachable and hopefully more like Jesus. Prov. 15:13a, Neh. 8:10, Prov. 17:22

Leadership Team

Larry Howard
Michelle Collins
Iolene Lendway
Cheryl Miller
Greg Ormeo
Chris Orosco

Nick Orosco
Angelina Osti

Bobby Swanson
Rebecca Webster


Bobby Swanson
Interim Director of Worship Ministries
(510) 799-3171
[email protected]

Cheryl Miller
Associate Director of Worship Ministries
(510) 799-3171 ext. 133
[email protected]

Chris Orosco
Audio-Visual Manager
[email protected]